Welcome to the Montefiore Department of Medicine Grand Rounds Online

Instructions for Obtaining CME Credit

  1. Register or Login

  2. Select and register lectures from the Available Lectures menu option

  3. Choose lectures you wish to view from your list of registered lectures on the My Lectures menu option.

  4. Click on the view presentation button above the presenters description to begin the CME activity

  5. View the lecture in its entirety. You may log off from the lecture at any point and an option will be presented to resume from that point when you log in and return to that particular lecture.

    The lecture can be viewed in 3 different modes by clicking on the presentation mode box on the lower right hand corner. The presentation may be navigated by using the buttons and scroll bar on the bottom of the screen or by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. If the presenter provided additional notes for a particular slide they will be made available in the notes section. The search feature can also be used to find text within each slide.

    A brief biography and contact information for the presenter is available by clicking on the bio button underneath their name.

  6. Once the lecture has been viewed in its entirety a link to the corresponding quiz will be made available in the Lecture Activity menu option

  7. Upon successfully passing the quiz with a 70% or higher grade a certificate will be delivered to the Lecture Activity menu option

  8. The certificates will be immediately available online for downloading and printing

  9. Participation in any activities from this site will be tracked in the CME Activity menu option. You may also use this site to track external CME activities by using the ADD CME